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Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Custom built exhibition stands are most commonly used to create a truly bespoke look that cannot be achieved with an ‘off the shelf’ solution. They can be built and used on a one-off basis, or stored carefully and reused — in whole or in part, for future events. Our vast experience of modular exhibition stands means that we are also able to design custom built stands that incorporate similar features that make them reusable and adaptable for multiple projects.

Custom built exhibition stands (also knows as bespoke exhibition stands) are typically constructed from timber, MDF and plywood as the primary materials. However, the nature of these stands is that they can incorporate whatever materials are required to provide the look and style desired. Therefore materials such as glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, various metallics and fabrics to name just a few are often brought into play. Specific materials can also be used to achieve certain budgets as well as appearances.

The common misconception with custom built stands are that they are expensive one offs. We constantly dispel this myth by designing and constructing stands that are both sustainable and economical using a vast range of stock components (items that are pre-existing and available to be used instead of constructing everything from new). Stock items include wall sections of various heights, reception desks, various forms of lighting and platform floors to allow electrical and data cable to run unseen underneath your stand. Most of these items can be re-covered, painted or finished so they're tailor-made to compliment your brand.

Custom built exhibition stands are typically supplied on a rental basis, but all items that are made specifically for you are always yours to own if you wish. Due to the skilled nature of how custom stands are constructed, your project will be calculated with our crew taking care of every stage of the build — both in our workshop beforehand and onsite at the venue, wherever it may be.

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