Ecobuild is an international event based in the UK covering all aspects of sustainable build, design and refurbishment for the commercial and residential building sectors and is held every year, now at ExCel in London Docklands.

Following an extensive tender process, we were selected to build the Malaysia pavilion at Ecobuild to promote Malaysia within the construction sector. The stand showcased several Malaysian companies from within the building sector as well as the vast redevelopment of Battersea Power Station which is currently going through a massive regeneration programme by it’s Malaysian developers.

Being Ecobuild, we were keen to ensure that we incorporated as many of our own sustainable building methods and as much eco-friendly technology as possible to ensure the stand aligned with the spirit of the event. The exhibition industry isn’t generally known for being eco-friendly, but that is slowly changing and we at Hedron are constantly finding ways to improve our environmental credentials and remain at the forefront of sustainable exhibiting.

The Malaysia stand incorporated high output LED lighting everywhere, meaning less energy consumption and a smaller electrical bill from the events supplier; massively important given the constantly rising electricity tariffs at mainstream exhibition venues. The platform floor and wall systems were constructed from our extensive stock of sustainable materials - removing the necessity to construct the entire project from scratch. Working this way means we can be more competitive and reduce ours and our clients’ impact on the environment.

The velour carpet was fully recyclable compared with the traditional foam-backed carpets still in use by many contractors today (which have to go to landfill).

It’s impossible to create a bespoke design without designing and building new structures and there were several bespoke elements that we made to create the unique look of the Malaysia pavilion; namely the striking suspended fascia that ran around the front of the space, 3D branding, plus a beautifully crafted reception desk with illuminated front face. These items are being stored for use on their future projects in order to help reduce the materials required for the next event.

We’re proud to have built a stand with serious eco credentials at an event which is focussed on sustainability and we’re delighted that it was so well received by our clients.

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