All our exhibition stand solutions are designed in-house; we don't use freelance designers or overseas design centres. We have total control over what we create for you. If you're prepared to spend time discussing your requirements with us, we won't insult you by sending back designs that lack understanding or suitability. We design custom built stands, modular stands and combinations of both, so you're assured of getting the right solution for you.

Once your project goes live, we then create the technical drawings, again in-house. These drawings are required for our build crews to turn the project into reality in the workshop and we also send them to the event organisers for approval to build.

Throughout the project, any other design-related services, such as artwork handling or creation can also be handled in-house. We'll also liaise with your own designer or third party agency if you have one to ensure they work to the right specifications when creating graphic media for the stand to ensure your brand is perfectly compatible with the stand.


A good exhibition stand design demands a good quality build to match. We have developed a network of build partners both here in the UK and overseas. Building through partners allows us to stay focussed on you and all other aspects of the project, not to mention keep our overheads lean — meaning you can be assured of excellent value for money and account management to match. In the UK, our build network is very tight; we don't spread ourselves thinly; it has allowed us to build strong relationships with our partners and we know we can rely on them when it counts.

This same ethos has translated seamlessly on a global scale. Learn more.

Project Management

Our approach to exhibition stand project management is what we believe defines us from many of our competitors. At Hedron, we are account managers and project managers rolled in to one. You'll have one consistent point of contact throughout your project. We believe it's the only way to guarantee that nothing is lost in translation and ensures your project runs smoothly.

Our project management skills cover all aspects of the project:

Artwork Production

With exhibition stands and tradeshow displays becoming ever more brand-focussed, the demand for eye catching displays is greater than ever.

Large scale, high impact images have become very popular; some of our favourite stands feature large format graphics with clear and simple messages.

We can advise you on the various types of graphic and print materials available to ensure that your brand is presented in the best possible way, and we constantly research the market so that what we recommend is the best solution for your application.

At Hedron, we can either create your artwork for you or liaise with your chosen designer. If using your own designer, we'll provide all dimensions and whatever advice and guidance is required so that all artwork for your project is sized and formatted correctly and provides the best end result.

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