Custom or Modular… which way?

The exhibition industry is saturated with companies that offer a wide range products and services. The problem can often be identifying which solution is right for your business. The vast majority of exhibition companies will either specialise in custom or modular stands, but rarely both with the same level of experience and dedication.

We are fully versed in both Custom Built Stands and Modular Stands, because we understand they have their specific key strengths and benefits. It also means that we are able to offer you unbiased advice regarding which format is right for you; whether you're planning for a one-off project or programme of events throughout the year.

So which is right for you? The best way for us to establish this is by talking with you about your requirements in detail; how many events are you attending? what size is your stand(s)? what budget are you working to achieve? are just a few criteria that will help us understand your needs better.

Generally, modular stands are best suited to multiple events, whilst custom built stands are more commonly used for one-off projects. But that is by no means always right. We're able to rent modular stands making them viable options for one-off events and we can also design and construct custom stands in such a way to that enables them to work effectively for several events if required. It's one of the many benefits of being a company that works with both custom and modular solutions - we are often able to develop solutions that incorporate benefits of both.

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