The Business Travel Show is considered to be the premier corporate travel event in the UK. When we were asked to build stands for two completely unrelated exhibitors, AirPlus and ATPI, we were absolutely delighted to be working with 2 companies that are leading the way in their own respective sectors of the corporate travel industry.

One of the many things that we love about the exhibition and events industry is its vast and varied nature; no two days (or projects) are ever the same for us. With our current and future client base being spread across so many different industry sectors, we are able to constantly explore different styles and materials to keep our own ideas fresh, since different industries demand different things from their exhibition stands. The diversity of events invariably means that we are working at many different locations within a very short time - if not at the same time. So, it was great to be working on two exciting projects at the same venue.

Despite building two stands at the same event, we handled each project individually. The temptation for many contractors is to share the same workforce across multiple projects at the same event to reduce labour costs and increase profit margins. Our focus always has and will always continue to be the smooth running of every project; it’s what we live or die by in this competitive market.

With build-up times getting shorter across the board at many events, exhibition stand designers are being tasked with delivering ever-more creative structures far more quickly, yet needing to conform to ever more stringent health and safety directives. Having a dedicated crew for each project ensured that at no point were we tempted to cut any corners or stray from safe working practices.

Both projects were ‘custom built’ (bespoke) stands (we also design and build creative modular stands) and both demanded massive attention to detail. We coordinated all site services with the events appointed suppliers, including booking electrical supply through to coordinating internet and the rigging of suspended signage. We handled all this and ensured everything was coordinated seamlessly with our own construction activities and crew, including all carpentry, production and print of artwork, lighting and we also supplied various audio visual equipment, including LED screens ranging from 27 inch computer monitors up to 55 inch ultra HD Smart LED TVs. Both clients needed to cater for several important meetings during the event and for this reason we incorporated various meeting facilities with the designs; from open plan to private, including bespoke tailored upholstery created for one lounge seating area.

The event was extremely busy and both AirPlus and ATPI had very successful shows.

At Hedron, we always ensure that your project is handled by the right number of crew, guaranteeing that the stand is ready on time and meeting all objectives.

If you are planning for an event either now or in the future and want to ensure that you’re working with people who really do care about even the smallest details, please get in touch and allow us to show you why we’re so successful.

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