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Custom vs Modular

Modular Exhibition Stands from Hedron

When should you consider a modular exhibition stand as an alternative to a custom built exhibition stand?

The common misconception used to be that modular stands were for companies with limited budgets who either couldn’t afford a custom stand and wanted to self-build or maybe needed to cater for a series of events on a budget.

We’ve carefully developed a modular range which defies that misconception and offers genuine tangible solutions for various exhibit situations:

  • Quick installation stands for events with short build-up times
  • Stands which adapt for various events of different sizes and shapes
  • Stands which can be build cost-effectively or even self-built if you prefer
  • Stands which can be rented for one-off events, providing a competitive alternative to a traditional custom built stand

Our modular systems, H-Frame and H-Connect offer varying levels of modularity and we can tailor them to suit various criteria; design style, size of space, level of portability (i.e. transport size) and budget. You no longer have to choose a modular system because you have to; our solutions compete visually with many other companies so called ‘custom built’ stands

Whatever your reason for considering a modular exhibition stand, we can advise you on which system is right for your application and devise a bespoke solution to suit you. Since we design and build both custom built and modular exhibition stands we can offer you an unbiassed guidance on which is right for your application ; get in touch now and let’s discuss what your objectives are and we’ll ensure you get the right exhibition stand for your company.



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