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Modular Exhibition Stands


H-Connect is a unique and versatile modular system based around 2 simple components; aluminium beams and cube connectors. Beams are available in a wide range of standard lengths, plus they can be custom-made to any length required and simply twist and lock in to the cube connectors. The cubes form a junction point where beams interconnect and form 3-dimensional structures.

It’s beautifully simple and doesn’t require any tools to construct - just twist, lock and construct

Ideal for self-builders

Any good truly modular system should allow exhibitors wishing to build their own stand to do so with ease. H-Connect goes a stage further and enables self-build exhibitors to build smaller stands themselves and even transport them by car instead of a van. Since the system is made up of interconnecting beams, those beams can be provided in more portable lengths, meaning that smaller stands can pack down to a much more compact form factor allowing them to take up much smaller spaces when in storage or transit.

Purchase or Rental?

If you are planning for a one-off event or simply want to try before you buy, the system is available to rent. If you know that you’re going to use it more than once, purchase would definitely be worth considering.

Any finish, any material

Once constructed, the H-Connect modular exhibition system allows for numerous different types of material to fix on to it. If you’re looking to create a look similar to a custom built stand, you might choose from various acrylic or polycarbonate surfaces or maybe thin wooden panels - either painted or in a specific laminate finish.


Choose from any graphic substrate; rollable graphics (similar to those used on pop-up exhibition systems), solid panels (printed on to various thicknesses of foamex) or large fabric graphics using silicon edge technology to fit into a channel that can be fixed to the front surface of H-Connects beams. Fabric graphics also provide the possibility to illuminate from behind and create stunning light-box displays that will make you stand out from conventionally lit exhibition stands.

Enhance your shell scheme

We can either design you a slightly lower height system to fit inside a shell scheme or if space is limited, why not attach it to the shell scheme itself using unique fixings to ensure that you make the best use of your shell scheme space?

If you have the option to change your space booking at your exhibition from ‘shell scheme’ to ‘space only’, we can design a stand that will look far more attractive and without the constraints and limitations of the shell scheme appearance.

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